Education and Scientific Research
The Alfred North-Coombes Centre provides researches and students with access to an archive about the Mascarene Islands. Many of the historical documents, some of which are very rare, were written and collected by the Mauritian author/historian Sir Alfred North-Coombes for his publications on the history of Rodrigues.

Qualified researches are welcome to submit proposals to carry out relevant research projects in the reserve. For example, an international team is currently carrying out a National Geographic Society sponsored project to better understand past environments of the island and the role of humans and invasive species in transforming the biota.

There is also a Palaeontology Laboratory which houses acomprehensive collection of subfossil specimens excavated within the reserve. These are available for scientific studies. To access the collections, please contact us.

The reserve provides unique learning opportunities for students at all levels, from primary school to post doctoral. Educational visits can be scheduled by prior arrangement and interested students and teachers are invited to contact us.
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