Follow the trail through the three seperate galleries of our museum to find out more about:
  • The fascinating history of Rodrigues, from its discovery through to modern day
  • The natural history of the island, showcasing the endemic flora and fauna, including several extinct species
  • The limestone geology of the Plaine Corail, explaining the formation of caves and their striking features.

Exhibits include a life-size sculpture of one of the extinct species of giant tortoise once found on Rodrigues, as well as carapaces of different species of tortoises, and bones found in the caves on the reserve of extinct species such as the solitaire (a relative of the dodo of Mauritius). Detailed paintings recreate scenes from man's early days on the island, surrounded by the abundant native flora and fauna, and bring back to life some of the long-extinct bird and reptile species once found on the Mascarene Islands.
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