Although Rodrigues was once covered in luxuriant forest teeming with unique animal and bird life, this changed dramatically with the arrival of humans in the 1730's. Today in Rodrigues there is no original native forest remaining, only some small secondary areas, with many  introduced plants and species.

The type of vegetation found in this particular area of the island is lowland savannah. Before the project started the land was largely covered in invasive introduced plants, such as lantana and acacia, which had to be removed before the native and endemic plants could reintroduced. Species of plants that would have have been found here were grown for the project by the Rodrigues branch of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. This was no small task. Around 186 000 plants have been planted to date, with a variety of 40 native species of which 25 are endemic to Rodrigues. Now you can walk through the restored forest and imagine, as you appreciate the beautiful and rare plants, that you have stepped back in time.

  • Rodrigues has approximately 145 native plant species
  • More than 30 of the native plant species are endemic and most are threatened with extinction
  • Some species have less than 10 individual plants left in the wild
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